Frequently Asked Questions



What is Case?

Who is the team behind Case?

Is this a pre-sale?

Do you ship internationally?

What information must I provide when buying Case?


How do I use Case?

Do I need to install any software in order to use Case?

How do I charge my Case?

How long will Case last before needing to be recharged?

How do I get all of my bitcoin into my new Case?

Can I exchange bitcoins for USD or other currencies with Case?

How is Case different from cloud wallets?

How is Case different from other hardware wallets?


Do I need to have my phone or laptop to use Case?

How does Case connect to the Internet?

Is there a monthly fee for the GSM connection?

In what countries does the device work?


Is it open source?

How is the device key generated and when?

Does your cryptographic hardware have any security certifications?

What BIPs does Case implement or support?

Where do you manufacture the device?


Are my bitcoins stored securely?

How is my fingerprint data stored?

Have you been audited?

What type of encryption do you use to protect my data?


What happens if my Case is lost or stolen?

Who holds the third key?


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